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CareSMS Enterprise

Text messaging for your central business office

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  • Send and respond to text messages instantly
  • Multi-user, multi-facility, multi-department
  • Permissions-based
  • Converse with patients by text message
  • Tag staff members for specific patient conversations
  • Auto-responders, inbound-only
  • Excel file upload for mass patient messaging
  • Local area codes available with voice call forwarding
  • Automatic closure messages for dormant conversations

Today’s patients are busy. Calling patients often results in inconvenient voicemail and dreaded phone tag. In today’s landscape, texting is the most convenient method of communication. Using text messaging at your practice will improve your patient satisfaction, contact rates and office efficiency. Nearly half of all Americans no longer have a home phone. If you think telephone voice calls are convenient and preferred by your patients—think again. Studies have shown that text messaging is the preferred and most convenient contact method—even amongst geriatric populations. 3 out of 4 (75%) of adults living with unrelated roommates don’t own a home phone—and, overall, only 1 in 3 homeowners still have a landline. Times have changed. ProviderTech provides a unique solution to achieve higher patient contact rates and more satisfied patients with text messaging designed for the busy medical practice.

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Fewer than 1 in 5 people still listen to voicemail, according to CBS News, from numbers they don’t know and 1 in 3 people from known contacts. More than half of voice calls from medical practices will result in voicemail—and often important information will go unheard by the patient.

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